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Lyons Agri Services offers full percolation area installation services to clients all over Clare and the surrounding areas.


Percolation areas are part of all standard septic tank installations in Ireland. Percolation areas are an engineering feature that are designed to treat the effluene from a domestic septic tank before evenly distributing treated liquid into the natural groundwater of the area.


Our Percolation Areas Clare is installed to the very highest of professional standards and is a cost-effective, reliable and long-lasting solution.

Need Percolation Areas installed around your septic tank? Get in contact with Lyons Agri Services today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I need a Percolation Area in Clare. What is Lyons Agri Services’ catchment area?

    We are a Clare based septic tank Percolation Area installation company that offer our services to clients in Clare and the surrounding counties.

  • What is a Percolation Area?

    A percolation area is the drainage area around a septic tank. A percolation area is engineered to treat the effluence that comes from a septic tank and disposes of it properly so it doesn’t’ damage the surrounding area. In Ireland, all septic tanks are required to have a Percolation Area.

  • How do I hire Lyons Agri Services for a Percolation Area installation?

    Call us directly by phone or by email. You can also schedule a consultation by filling in our online form.